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August 16th

I have added a 3 part Broadway onlines series for DOROT.  The program will begin in October. Dates and times to be announced soon.

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August 6th, 2021

Due to having emergency open heart surgery on July 21st, I have had to cancel all my in person events. However, I will still be doing all my online presentations both public and private.

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August 5th,

I will be doing an online presentation on George Gershwin for DOROT in September. The date and time is yet to be selected.

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August 23rd,

The first 3 of my series of jazz programs, the 2-part Story of Early Jazz and Louis Armstrong, for the New York based DOROT have been well received. I am looking forward to presenting the final one on Miles Davis.

In September, I have 3 public presentations scheduled.

I will be doing a program on George Gershiwn for Dorot, a program on Sarah Vaughan for the Hollywood Senior Center, and one on Woody Guthrie for Friendly House.  

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