Another Time Music represents the business side of my creative endeavors as a musician and educator.  There are 3 main components to Another Time Music

Music History Presentations 

Over the last decade, I have developed a series of multimedia presentations on American Music and Musicians. The available topics cover a diverse spectrum of American music and musical figures in Jazz, Country, Musical Theater, Classical, etc. These presentations are avaiable both for in person and live streaming to organizations and private entities.  Forr more information about topics and booking a presentation, visit the Presentation section of this website.

Music Publishing 

I have composed a wide variety of music in various generes ,mediums and instruments.  Recently, I have begun cataloging and preparing my compositions for print publication sales. Visit the Publication section to see what is available.


My studio is where I create the content for my presentations, compose and record my music, create and stream my my music history presentations. The Studio section of the website contains samples of the audio and video work I have produced.