The ATM Story

June 21st, 2021

Another Time Music was conceived in 1985 when I moved to Portland, Oregon to persue a career as a performing pianist with my repertoire centered around my own compositions.I had just spent the last year teaching American Music History at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater.

I spent my first month in Portland staying with my friend Jeffrey Dawkins, a fellow musician.  During that time, Jeffrey and I discussed the music business in general and how I should approach.  It was from these talks that I realized I would need a business identity to handle both the booking of my performances and the publication of my music.

But what to name the company?  Jeffrey and I spent an evening coming up with a list of names but none seemed right.  GNH Music and Gordon Neal Herman Music seemed to prosaic.  Others were too off beat or cumbersome.

At one point, Jeffrey suggested that the name should reflect my interest in composing and performing music in odd time  meters.  That caught my attention and I replied that I also dealt with another form of time as a music historian.  It was from these two comments that the name Another Time Music emerged.