Another Time Music News

August 23rd,

The first 3 of my series of jazz programs, the 2-part Story of Early Jazz and Louis Armstrong, for the New York based DOROT have been well received. I am looking forward to presenting the final one on Miles Davis.

In September, I have 3 public presentations scheduled.

I will be doing a program on George Gershiwn for Dorot, a program on Sarah Vaughan for the Hollywood Senior Center, and one on Woody Guthrie for Friendly House.  

June 27th, 2021

August is shaping up to be a busy month for me.  I have six public online presentations scheduled.

I will be doing 4 programs for New York City organization DOROT starting with a two-part series entitled From Marching Bands to Big Bands: The Story of Early Jazz. The programs are on consecutive Thursdays, the 5th and 12th.  They will be followed by programs about  Louis Armstrong on the the 19th and Miles Davis on the 26th.

Miles Davis will be the subject of my monthly program for Portland's Hollywood Senior Center which will be on Monday the 9th.  Wednesday, the 11th, I will be presenting a program on Scott Joplin for Friendly House of Portland.

Look for details in Upcoming Public Presentations.

The Another Time Music Website is Back!

June 1st,  2021

After having been dormant for the last several years, the Another Time Music website has been relaunched.  Over the last several months, I have been working on the content, graphic design and layout and finally have what I wanted my website to look like.

This site will focus on the 3 core elements of Another Time Music:

  • American Music History Presentations
  • Music Publishing
  • Studio

I am still adding elements to the site.  And I will be constantly adding new content so please check back.