Catalog of Topics

catalog coveraThis catalog is a listing of presentations that I have created that are available for in person or live streaming programs. They are the product of my 46 years as American music historian researching and teaching the subject.  25 years of that was teaching at colleges and universities and the last 21 years was freelancing my knowledge to a variety of organizations and senior facilities. It is during this last 21 years that I began developing this series of multimedia programs that cover a wide range of American music listed in this catalog.

Ranging from Jazz to Rock'n' Roll, from Country to Classical, from Broadway musicals to Hollywood film music, these PowerPoint based presentations are filled with photos, music samples and video clips that illuminate the topic being discussed.  In person, I utilize either your big screen TV or projector system.  In an online presentation, I use either your Zoom or my Zoom account to stream the presentation.

Most of the presentations are individual programs but there are two and three part series.  Each individual  program is roughly 55 minutes in length with time made available for Q&A sessions at the end. Series are available to be done in one session or in successive sessions.

Please feel free to dowload the catalog and email me with any questions and/or requests.