Past Public Presentations

miles2Trailblazer of Jazz


From his early days with Charlie Parker, Miles Davis was constantly evolving as a performer.  The changes in his musical styles had a huge impact upon the trajectory of post WW II Jazz.  In addition, the many major jazz musicians who performed and recorded with Miles reads like a who's who of jazz.  This program will trace his ground breaking career from his start in St. Louis.

armstrongFirst Genius of Jazz


In the last decade of his life, Louis Armstrong was known best for being the entertainer with the megawatt smile and the singer of Hello Dolly and of a Wonderful World who also played trumpet. Many were surprised to read in his obituary that he was one of the major figures in the development of early jazz. This program will trace how Armstrong's career through his hot jazz career in the 20s and 30s to becoming a world wide beloved star.  


From Marching Bands to Big Bands

Jazz burst upon the musical scene in 1917 with recordings by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band leading to the 1920s being called the Jazz Age.  This two part program will trace the development of jazz from its roots in Ragtime and Marching Bands to its reception in the 1920s to how it became the dominant form of popular music in the 1930s.