The Another Time Music Studio is the creative and technical center of my Another Time Music business.  Over the years it has evolved from a mainly MIDI based studio to a recording studio  to its present incarnation as an audio-visual production studio with streaming capabilities.

The studio has three main focuses.

Currently, the studio‚Äôs primary focus is in support of my music history presentations.  From creating and editing videos to finalizing the PowerPoint based presentation to streaming the finished presentations online, my studio is where it all takes place.

The second focus of my studio is composing and recording. Over the years, I have created a body of works both in recorded and printed form much of which has not been released.  I am now spending time curating, cataloging and preparing works for release both in printed format and in audio and video recordings.

The third focus of the studio is the most recently added: the creation of video content. My developing a video side to the studio stems from the need to  create video examples for my music history presentations which, in turn, led to adding to the studio the ability to live stream.  I have also expanded it to creating videos other than for my music history presentations.