June 1st

Over the course of 30 plus years, my studio has evolved from a simple computer MIDI setup to an audio/visual production studio with live streaming capabilities.  My current setup is far more advanced than my wildest dreams could imagine when I first start putting the studio together. 

The evolution of the studio to this point will be covered in my Studio History section of the website. In this section, I will be discuss my current studio setup - what hardware and software I use,  the physical setup of the studio and how I utilize the studio.

My current setup evolved in response to how the Covid-19 Pandemic impacted my business with the new reality of the Quarantine Lockdown.  Much of my income had been derived from my music history presentations which dried up due to all the places that utilized my services closed their doors to public events. 

Live streaming seemed to be the most obvious way to go but in March of 2020, I had no experience with the technology let alone actually using it.   Getting to the point where I am now basing much of my business model on the concept of live streaming has been an interesting journey.